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The Cantina
Workshops and more...

The ERA Cantina is a place where ERA seeks to help and develop graduate students skills in a non-competitive and friendly academic atmosphere.  

The Cantina is home to our workshops and skills development sector. Starting in October of 2022, we will be running workshops to provide graduate students, researchers, etc., with a space to learn and develop skills that the ERA team found to be critical during their own experiences as graduate students. 

All of our workshops run for 1 hour and are online. We also provide ample time at the end of this 1 hour session for discussion and for other graduate students, researchers, etc., to share their own experiences, tips, and tricks. 

Below is our first event! We are excited to start off the year with an event on Call For Papers - how to find them and how to find publishing experiences outside of them.

Visit our Eventbrite page where you can sign up to our first event:

This calendar will be filled with the Cantina's entire 2022-2023 events! So keep an eye out for updates.

At the bottom of this page there is also a form that we encourage all our followers to fill out. If you don't see an event or workshop that you would like, send us an email! We are always open to hearing from you, and want to ensure that we provide you with the help you need.

If you want to be one of the firsts to get up to date information monthly about the ERA, our conferences, and events, sign up to our newsletter below!

We are so excited to be finally running our workshops!

We are always looking to improve and expand the selections we provide.

If you have any suggestions, please fill out this form! 


We're working really hard to get the rest of the events up and running! We appreciate your patience.

Want a workshop we don't have yet? Let us know!

Thanks for submitting!

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