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Early Reading Academics


Coming Soon

ERA runs the Early reading Academics group. It is our small reading group that allows participants to read select texts that relate to our upcoming conference.


That's right! We have our Conference of 2023 in the works. This year's topic: Decolonisation

As of now, our reading group can only accommodate 25 people per session. We are hoping to expand this in the future, as well as run more than one reading group at a time. So please stay tuned! 

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Below is our Reading Schedule for this year.

Reading Schedule

(For information on previous texts, please message us)

Happy Holidays!

 30 January, 2023

  James Mark & Paul Betts ‘Origins’ in Socialism Goes Global: The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in the Age of   Decolonisation (Oxford: Oxford University, 2022), pp. 25-74.


 27 February, 2023

  Izabella Wódzka, ‘the decolonial option and the end of the world’ in Lockdown Cultures. The Arts and Humanities in the Year of the Pandemic ed. by Stella Bruzzi and Maurice Biriotti (London: UCL, 2022), pp. 38-48.

 27 March, 2023

 Send in your own text for discussion! (Deadline: 27. February)

 27 April, 2023
  Kris Majapra ‘Bodies’ in Colonialism in Global Perspective’
(Cambridge: Cambridge University, 2020), pp. 200-214.

Do you have a suggestion for something good to read and share? Let us know!


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